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Karla Duterloo - La Subida

The artist : Karla Duterloo is an award winning artist with years of experience in the field of mosaic. Her expertise as a mosaic artist has allowed her to develop a truly authentic and unique style. This is particularly recognisable in her series of Nguni and other wild animal heads (buck, kudu, deer and buffalo).

The Sponsor : La Subida has always been deemed an excellent trattoria: the “al Cacciatore” – or hunter’s – trattoria, run by a large family one calls on when one wants to eat and feel good. Nowadays, La Subida intends to propose itself as a PLACE, a place where one goes to feel well, relax, stay on a little to unwind! That is what we would like to communicate with our new image.

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    2th September , 2017
    Karla Duterloo
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