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Anabella Wewer Interview

We’re presenting a great interview with Anabella Wewer, one of the artist’s of October’s symposium, check it out here or download it.

The Experience:

Just being invited by Giulio Menossi to work with mosaicists from different countries, cultures and backgrounds was a recipe for an incredible experience. Working in his studio, surrounded by so many of his works, made that experience all the more special. The richness of colors around us was inspiring, and having the full color library available to us was tempting, specially since my more common palette are marbles and subdued colors. Through Giulio’s expert guidance, I embraced some bold choices. We were challenged to do something we had never done before, and the gift of precious red gold to accent the absence of tessera in a section of my work helped me push some creative personal boundaries.

There were many long hours, and many choices to make. For two weeks we shared laughter, near tears and amazing hospitality by our hosts and sponsors. We drank a LOT of coffee and learned about our work, our selves, others, and the creation of art with a sacred theme by artists with different cultural and religious (or lack thereof) backgrounds. I learned about people and processes, resilience and flexibility, and most of all, to trust my instincts and rely on my experience to see the work through.

The Masterpiece

I was assigned the 1st station of the cross: Pilate condemns Christ to the cross. I chose a palette of different shades of white to make a subtle insinuation of the cross Christ would bear, a beginning. Two areas of color, connected by a subtle color gradation, symbolize Pilate’s washing of the hands and the violence that followed that act, arguably lasting over two thousand years to this day, when the world is still ravaged by war in the name of religion. In Italian tradition, gold is used to mark the sacred or important parts in a mosaic. Red gold highlights some points in the “blood” areas of my work, and three small gold tesserae, two white and one gold, mark the spot where Christ’s heart would be over the cross. To me, the sacrifices we make for the greater good are the most important in this context.

Impression of the Friuli region

As important as the studio experience was to the creative process, so was our chance to share in and partake in the daily life of the city. Udine has a long, proud history, and walking past the remnants of the old city walls every day was a reminder of how young the world I live in actually is; it puts things in perspective as I worked on a story two thousand years old. Our many visits to the corner cafe provided reminders to slow down and connect with others, like the locals do. The friendly welcome of the staff at the local restaurant, our walks through the neighborhoods, and our contact with some of the organizations that weave the fabric of the city, as well as the opportunity to interact with local officials and community organizers left lasting impressions. All of it informed my work, and will continue to do so for a long time. In the west we live rushed, busy lives. Italians do too, but they seem to always make time to slow down, enjoy meals together and savor that mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee. It’s a lesson I am trying to remember every day.



Erin Pankratz Interview

Download now our exclusive interview with one of the Symposium’s artists to discover the best of the event


Ana Foncerrada Intervista

Scarica subito la nostra Intervista con Ana Foncerrda per scoprire tutti i segreti del simposio.


Marian Shapiro – Valerio Marinig

The artist : A multi-award winning artist, my work is shown and collected both in Australia and internationally. Public and commercial commissions are in Sydney and many private commissions are in Sydney, Melbourne, the USA, UK and Canada.

The sponsor : The Marinig winegrower has been dedicated, since 1921, to the production of high-quality wine near Prepotto, in the eastern Friulian hills, a wonderful region to grow amazing grapes.


Lillian Sizemore – Livio Felluga

The artist : Lillian’s services include consulting with collectors, curators, auction and appraisers, estates, and municipalities to assess historic mosaics. Sizemore uses her hands-on insights as an accomplished mosaic maker to enhance the transmission of mosaic knowledge from its European traditions to midcentury America. Her manifold skills and attention to detail enhance and elevate all projects.

The sponsor : It is obvious that the story of Livio Felluga and his wines is bound up with the history of this very special land in the north east corner of the Adriatic, where the Mediterranean meets central Europe. It is a history of ever-shifting frontiers, vanished empires, passing wars and people who have chosen to remain. It is the story of a family that endured two world wars, living first in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then in the young Kingdom of Italy, on the rocky coast of the Istrian peninsula and the lagoon of Grado, before finally settling in the gently rolling hills of Friuli. The return to Italy was far from easy for veterans of the Second World War, especially for those who had left their families in this long-suffering corner of the Adriatic.


The artist : The artist’ s work covers the most diverse themes, transiting between the symbolic, personal and abstract forms that prevail focusing on movement and color entangled in an autobiographical and imaginary universe. In her various technical influences seeks to merge these graphic and pictorial influences of her visual alphabet, now in the mosaic

The Sponsor : The Schioppettino grape has always been grown in the well-suited “Friuli Colli Orientali” DOC region. Here it has found its dwelling place par excellence, inspiring a group of growers to establish an organisation to protect and promote it. In the glass it has an intense ruby red colour; its fragrance is reminiscent of forest fruits and of morello cherries, with a seductively spicy note. Versatile and complex, it benefits from lengthy ageing to emphasise its elegance


Sibel Akkaba – Enoteca di Cormòns

The artist : Born in Istanbul in 1966 1983 – 1987 She completed the Department of Geological Engineering at Istanbul University. 1988 – 2000 She worked as a manager in various Turkish banks. 2011 – 2013 She received the artistic mosaic training from mosaic artist Meycem Ezengin. 2012 – 2014 She studied painting with pebble from Fehim Ibrahimhakkıoğlu. 2012 – 2016 She received the basic art education from Selma Cibaroglu and watercolor education from Işıl Özışık. 2016 She studied dynamic mosaics in Istanbul from famous Italian mosaic master Giulio Menossi.

The Sponsor : Thanks to the love and passion inspiring our work, we ’ ve learnt to take our visitors on a trip through our region ’ s land, by following an imaginary itinerary along the roads of the “ gods ’ nectar ” and of gastronomy, among the best products that our terroir can offer.


Karla Duterloo – La Subida

The artist : Karla Duterloo is an award winning artist with years of experience in the field of mosaic. Her expertise as a mosaic artist has allowed her to develop a truly authentic and unique style. This is particularly recognisable in her series of Nguni and other wild animal heads (buck, kudu, deer and buffalo).

The Sponsor : La Subida has always been deemed an excellent trattoria: the “al Cacciatore” – or hunter’s – trattoria, run by a large family one calls on when one wants to eat and feel good. Nowadays, La Subida intends to propose itself as a PLACE, a place where one goes to feel well, relax, stay on a little to unwind! That is what we would like to communicate with our new image.


The artist : I started making mosaics by chance. Many years ago I found a book in a bookstore, which is called “Mosaics on a Weekend” by Martin Cheek and it was love at first sight. I don’t have any artistic training but have always liked to art and working with my hands. I took a course and then became a member of SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists) and thus began a career in mosaics. Mosaics have definitely made my life richer, not only because of the fact that I finally found an activity I absolutely love, but because through them I have met some of my best friends.

The sponsor : Ours is a small family-run winegrowing concern. Our vineyards drape the hills of Prepotto, one of the most renowned grape-growing areas of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, where viticulture has an age-old history.The work in the vineyard, the attention to every screw, every bunch, love and passion and the greatest respect for the environment are the basis of our philosophy. The new farm consists of a modern wine cellar and an old farmhouse in which are placed the oak barrel and a new tasting room. We make our wines with love and respect for the most ancient traditions.


Aida Valencia – Edi Keber

The artist : I started working with clay for the first time maybe 16 years ago, always trying to find where to studied or how to work marble and smalti that is when I found Lucciana Noturni workshops in Ravenna ,so I decided to go and studied with her . I started working with marble floors and the with consignments pieces but as always need to find more materials and more I went back and took some classes in venice with orsoni ,Sculpture Class and Smalti.This open more my range of materials and so I started experimenting with metal wood and different materials such as marble ,smalti, recycle materials, wood cooper and more. Now I work mostly sculptural work and try to create concepts in my collections of work so I ca define how I want to see all the materials work with the concept

The sponsor : The Keber family, forever linked to this territory, has lived under different flags, chosen by the hand of fate and the will of its people. Edi Keber was born in Cormons, and, in following the family tradition he married Silvana from Medana, now under Slovenian rule! Today the family’s youngest tradition is represented by Kristian and Veronica, both born in Italy and citizens of Europe

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