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    Giulio Menossi
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    International Mosaic Symposium
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Our story begins with the passion for the Mosaic, the love for our land and a good idea.

About us

Our story begins with the passion for the Mosaic, the love for our land and a good idea. We do believe in the uniqueness of the Italian style and have many projects. Our main commitment is to valorize and protect the Italian cultural heritage, with a particular focus on the ancient art of Mosaic, that traveled through centuries of history and reached our modern times, where it now lives a new life thanks to the many artists that are now passionate about this art worldwide. We want to bring Italy and our region, Friuli Venezia Giulia to the world, but we also want to bring the world here, by waking up the interest that many foreigners have about the uniqueness of our products, the beauty of our land and the talents of our country. We chose to embark on this project with local companies who feel the responsibility to share our artistic values and principles of life. We are proud of our past but our hearts and eyes are focused on the future ahead of us, to create something surprising and innovative.

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Master Giulio Menossi

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Clauiano Mosaics & More, artistic direction

Giulio Menossi, our artistic director

Giulio Menossi, a Mosaicist with more than 35 years of experience in the Venetian technique has now become a celebrity thanks to his expertise and ability in the field. The master elaborated a truly personal way to express himself, he managed to do so through a color-themed game in which he transforms emotions into colors and vice versa. This technique makes each of his works look different depending on the state of mind of the viewer. Each artwork is, in fact, a game of colored tiles mixed with many other materials, who all work harmoniously together.

Giulio Menossi   -   artistic director
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What they say about us

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  • “The Gala was spectacular, in such a beautiful location. I will always remember this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Clauiano Mosaic Symposium!”

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    Dianne Sonnenberg
  • Thank you,I am very excited to be part of this great Symposium !

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    Sibel Akkaba
  • Thank you! I am looking forward to a Symposium!

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    Cátia Usevicius Maia
  • Thank You! I am very happy to be a part of this important Symposium .

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    Cátia Usevicius Maia

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