Aida Valencia – Edi Keber

The artist : I started working with clay for the first time maybe 16 years ago, always trying to find where to studied or how to work marble and smalti that is when I found Lucciana Noturni workshops in Ravenna ,so I decided to go and studied with her . I started working with marble floors and the with consignments pieces but as always need to find more materials and more I went back and took some classes in venice with orsoni ,Sculpture Class and Smalti.This open more my range of materials and so I started experimenting with metal wood and different materials such as marble ,smalti, recycle materials, wood cooper and more. Now I work mostly sculptural work and try to create concepts in my collections of work so I ca define how I want to see all the materials work with the concept

The sponsor : The Keber family, forever linked to this territory, has lived under different flags, chosen by the hand of fate and the will of its people. Edi Keber was born in Cormons, and, in following the family tradition he married Silvana from Medana, now under Slovenian rule! Today the family’s youngest tradition is represented by Kristian and Veronica, both born in Italy and citizens of Europe

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