Interview with Isidora Paz López

Welcome to our brand new interview with Isidora Paz López.

-The Experience

How did it influence you as an artist? What did you learn?

The Symposium was a great experience, starting with the big honor of being invited by Master Giulio Menossi, having the possibility to work in his studio with such a wonderful group of talented mosaic artists, everyone with his own style, sharing lot of inspiration and fun!

It was my first time participating in a Symposium like that and also the first time using Smalti in my mosaic work, that was a real challenge for me. I have arrived with an idea about how i wanted to develop my work, but it flows and turned into another thing during the passing of the days. I have prepared some ceramic pieces in Raku that i combined with Smalti, marble, stones and all that inspired me around. I was total fascinated with the quantity of different materials and more than 1600 colours available in the studio of Giulio! Also his generous influence and guide was like a “revolution” in my creative process.

Learning and creating in a very intense way, even if i had dedicated many hours a day ( 10 or more), i felt constantly running against time. My work was slow and this was a bit frustrating, but part of the learning of this experience. I took the risk of doing something totally new for me, in a situation where i wanted to show the best that i could do in this two weeks of work. Most of the time i enjoyed it, but in some moments i felt a bit trapped by my ego, feeling a lot of pressure for develop something good enough and finish on time.

-The Masterpiece

Describe what you’ve created during the Symposium, what inspired you and most of all, how does your creation relate to your artistic conception and personality

To me was assigned the second station, when Jesus began to carry the cross.

The name of the artwork that i created during the Symposium is “Still bleeding”. My interpretation represent a very personal vision about the “Via Crucis”, a deep reflection of my feelings about this subject.

My inspiration started with an old map of Jerusalem, pointing the “Via Dolorosa”. In this mosaic i represented the death of Jesus Christ with a cross of thorns, inside of an open wound. For me, the crucifixion of Jesus is an atrocity that has left a pain in the history of humanity, a wound that even about 2000 years after, still is bleeding…

Symbology of the materials and forms that i evoque:

The earth, base of life, stones with memory, traces that mark destinies, clay that takes shape hand by hand. Step by step the common trails make furrows, establishing paths and beliefs.

The earth inhabits itself, it becomes the skin of history, container of memories. Embedded thorns punishing the faith, open wounds that hurts. Red rivers, currents of evil that has led many, feeding a sea of fears.

From dust to dust, the flesh becomes earth and the earth becomes history, written with blood, told with tears and worked with sweat.

Again and again the wound bleeds in a “Via Dolorosa” traveled for millennia. Deaths by religion, deaths by power, deaths for pleasure.

Maps are transformed over time, the relief of cities grows in a living history. Vision that is interpreted according to the light that it gives, depending on where you come from…

Earth and time, clay, water, fire and blood, living memories that mark the destiny of humanity.

-What is your impression of Friuli Venezia Giulia? Did you like our region? What about Italy as a country? Has it, in any way, inspired you for future work?

I love Italy! I am Chilean, but part of my family is Italian ( from the side of my Mom) Since 4 years i am living in Germany, so somehow, being in Italy feels like being at home. Love the food, the streets, the people, the language, the art and charm that is everywhere. Even the places that seem left in oblivion, lost in time, everything is a poem that inspire, like elixir for the soul of an artist.


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