Mosaic Workshop with Giulio Menossi

First of all, we need to explain the classical mosaic, and then move on to the modern one: it is important to know the three basic rules of the mosaic, to be able to deconstruct them, set them aside or destroy them, but with the awareness of the meaning of mosaic in history.

This was the opening of the Workshop organised by Giulio Menossi at his laboratory in Udine. What better opportunity to learn the mosaic technique from the well-known Maestro!

Another fundamental aspect to take into consideration is color: we begin to play with colors, to develop our personality through them. The nuance is no longer a simple nuance, but a tangle of colors that create a new one, unique, ours, which represents us.”

The Workshop (3 – 14 September 2018) involves the participation of various mosaicists and aspiring artists, coming from all over the world. During the course, the artists have the opportunity to listen to the advices of our Maestro and put them into practice, realizing their own artwork. Giulio explained different techniques of classical and modern mosaic, allowing the artists to put them into practice using various work tools, such as hammers, pincers and tweezers: “In my courses each tile must be cut, because every action has its first theoretical and then practical construction; this is why I always ask everyone to participate actively in the construction of the artwork and not to be passive user of it.”




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