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ENGLISH / The colors of wine

Just as wine tasting is an experience with innumerable possibilities, so this symbolic Artistic Mosaic becomes a journey through different visions and interpretations, thanks to the organic elements that it presents.The artwork is highly symbolic, and its form reminds of the subconscious: it will awaken different emotions ineach person.
The title “Il colore del vino” (“The colour of wine”) refers to the warm colours of red wine mixed with the yellow shades of white wine. The flow of the regularly cut tiles,that walk vertically, along the lines of the structure, sometimes interrupted bytesserae cut in different shapes ordisposed following ahorizontal progression, represents the liquids blurring into one another.
The asymmetrical and organic form of this three-dimensional mosaic was created during its very execution. At the beginning, the shapes were empty, but they were later filled with colourful and powerful mosaic. The curves of this artwork let us discover a mystery: when the viewer finally embraces the whole work with his watchful eye, in each piece he perceives different sensations, images, details and harmonized colours.
The use of metal symbolizes a re-construction. The metal element, which is often hidden in artistic creations, here is visible and strong, since it is part of the artistic process.Iron, an indispensableelement for the correct development of innumerable human functions, is also crucial for the artist. The gray iron, sometimes oxidized silver, merges with the coloured vitrified tesserae. As in alchemy, the 4 elements are associated with metals: Earth is associated with copper; Water with tin; Air with iron and Fire with lead. The Sun is representedby gold and the Moon by silver. Each colour and each element can be discovered in “I colori del vino”(“The colors of wine”).
My work follows the path of my heart and represents My free soul.”Mari Sangoi

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