Ronit Strum: the Artwork



The Spiral

Movement, flow. Glide, continuity. The timeline of our lives moves in open, continuing circles in the shape of a spiral. While experiencing the upwards lift of gliding and spiral movement, sometimes you slide down to catch a distance and re-asses, and other times you dive down due to the pure need of survival. The Earth rotates today as it did yesterday, but the yesterday will not repeat itself tomorrow just as the year before will not repeat itself again in the year to come. The thought that time is slippery and it is given to us just as a gift for a brief period, spurs us to experiment new things, although our constant fear of the unknown. It spurs us to move, to go forward, to spread our wings and find new ways to lift ourselves up, gently but determined. Lastly, it spurs us not to give up, all the way to the discovery, and then to softly start, all over again.

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