Contest EtichettaLA 2018

Contest Etichettala 2018

Are you a designer or a creative? PARTICIPATE in the CONTEST “Etichettala 2018″: DESIGN a label for “Jazz & Wine of Peace 2018” inspired by the works of “ESSENTIA MUSIVA” International Symposium and WIN the AWARD!

“Clauiano Mosaics & More”, together with “Controtempo”, announced a competition dedicated to designers and creatives in general and which, thanks to their interpretation, will contribute to enhancing the world of wine and mosaics, reflecting the important role that art constitutes for the cultures in the world integrating itself in its various forms.

The works of the Clauiano Mosaic Symposium 2018 want to be an inspiration for the creation of a label that distinguishes a limited number of bottles of wine and become the label celebrating the XXI edition of “Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival 2018“, which will be held in Cormons (Go) Italy from 24 to 28 October 2018.

The participants will have to take a cue from one or more works (mosaics), between 10, made between June and July during the ClauianoMosaic Symposium 2018 to best express what the title suggests:

“ESSENTIA MUSIVA: Shapes and Colors in movement.

 Quintessence of the world of mosaic, of man, of life and of wine. 

Have a look at the article on our BLOGClauiano Mosaics Symposium Artworks – June 2018” and the photos in our GALLERY!

The judges who will have the honor of awarding the coveted prize are the creative Beppe Giacobbe, the photographer Luca D’Agostino and the mosaic master Giulio Menossi.

The creator of the winning work will be awarded the sum of € 500.00.


To take part in the competition, see the Competition Announcement “Etichettala 2018″, issued during the “Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival 2018” event.


REMEMBER!!! Registrations must be sent by midnight on 24 October 2018 via the form you will find at this LINK.


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