Rossella Fantini: the Winner of the “EtichettaLA 2018″ contest.

AWARD OF the “EtichettaLA 2018” Contest


Finally we announce the Winner

of the CONTEST “ETICHETTAla 2018”


born in 1983, she comes from Premariacco (Ud), she took part in the competition, she designed a label for  Jazz & Wine of Peace 2018  and she WON!


The competition, organized by Controtempo and Clauiano Mosaics & More, addressed to designers and creatives to promote the mosaic world and Collio wine area, reflects the important role that art represents for the cultures in the world by integrating itself into its various forms.

The Clauiano Mosaic Symposium artworks 2018 , 10 mosaic art works created in Clauiano hamlet (Ud) from June to July,  they were a source of inspiration for the creation of a celebratory label for the  “Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival 2018” XXI edition , that has been held in Cormons (Go, Italy) on October, from 24th to 28th.

Rossella, as required by the announcement, was inspired by one of the 10 mosaics and specially by the art work with the SPIRAL which describes her creation since “it is the scheme of the universal energy motion, the symbol of an evolution that never ends, of a change that occurs through movement. In music, in nature, in the stars, in people. Cheers!”

Here is the label created by Rossella Fantini.

Who knows if a winery of the Collio will decide to choose it for a limited series of wine bottles …

 … meanwhile, the winner took home the prize.  Congratulations!






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