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AWARD OF the “EtichettaLA 2018” Contest


Finally we announce the Winner

of the CONTEST “ETICHETTAla 2018”


born in 1983, she comes from Premariacco (Ud), she took part in the competition, she designed a label for  Jazz & Wine of Peace 2018  and she WON!


The competition, organized by Controtempo and Clauiano Mosaics & More, addressed to designers and creatives to promote the mosaic world and Collio wine area, reflects the important role that art represents for the cultures in the world by integrating itself into its various forms.

The Clauiano Mosaic Symposium artworks 2018 , 10 mosaic art works created in Clauiano hamlet (Ud) from June to July,  they were a source of inspiration for the creation of a celebratory label for the  “Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival 2018” XXI edition , that has been held in Cormons (Go, Italy) on October, from 24th to 28th.

Rossella, as required by the announcement, was inspired by one of the 10 mosaics and specially by the art work with the SPIRAL which describes her creation since “it is the scheme of the universal energy motion, the symbol of an evolution that never ends, of a change that occurs through movement. In music, in nature, in the stars, in people. Cheers!”

Here is the label created by Rossella Fantini.

Who knows if a winery of the Collio will decide to choose it for a limited series of wine bottles …

 … meanwhile, the winner took home the prize.  Congratulations!






Contest EtichettaLA 2018

Contest Etichettala 2018

Are you a designer or a creative? PARTICIPATE in the CONTEST “Etichettala 2018″: DESIGN a label for “Jazz & Wine of Peace 2018” inspired by the works of “ESSENTIA MUSIVA” International Symposium and WIN the AWARD!

“Clauiano Mosaics & More”, together with “Controtempo”, announced a competition dedicated to designers and creatives in general and which, thanks to their interpretation, will contribute to enhancing the world of wine and mosaics, reflecting the important role that art constitutes for the cultures in the world integrating itself in its various forms.

The works of the Clauiano Mosaic Symposium 2018 want to be an inspiration for the creation of a label that distinguishes a limited number of bottles of wine and become the label celebrating the XXI edition of “Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival 2018“, which will be held in Cormons (Go) Italy from 24 to 28 October 2018.

The participants will have to take a cue from one or more works (mosaics), between 10, made between June and July during the ClauianoMosaic Symposium 2018 to best express what the title suggests:

“ESSENTIA MUSIVA: Shapes and Colors in movement.

 Quintessence of the world of mosaic, of man, of life and of wine. 

Have a look at the article on our BLOGClauiano Mosaics Symposium Artworks – June 2018” and the photos in our GALLERY!

The judges who will have the honor of awarding the coveted prize are the creative Beppe Giacobbe, the photographer Luca D’Agostino and the mosaic master Giulio Menossi.

The creator of the winning work will be awarded the sum of € 500.00.


To take part in the competition, see the Competition Announcement “Etichettala 2018″, issued during the “Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival 2018” event.


REMEMBER!!! Registrations must be sent by midnight on 24 October 2018 via the form you will find at this LINK.


Yumie Wakatsuki: the Artwork



In progress

This work is an image of the “wine making process”. Nourished by rich soil, the vines grow freely, and are eventually transformed into delicious drops of wine through the passion of the winemaker. The blue of the background symbolizes Italy’s vibrant climate and the water it provides to enrich the soil.

Ronit Strum: the Artwork



The Spiral

Movement, flow. Glide, continuity. The timeline of our lives moves in open, continuing circles in the shape of a spiral. While experiencing the upwards lift of gliding and spiral movement, sometimes you slide down to catch a distance and re-asses, and other times you dive down due to the pure need of survival. The Earth rotates today as it did yesterday, but the yesterday will not repeat itself tomorrow just as the year before will not repeat itself again in the year to come. The thought that time is slippery and it is given to us just as a gift for a brief period, spurs us to experiment new things, although our constant fear of the unknown. It spurs us to move, to go forward, to spread our wings and find new ways to lift ourselves up, gently but determined. Lastly, it spurs us not to give up, all the way to the discovery, and then to softly start, all over again.

Pini Ben Gur: the Artwork



 The life of wine

Wine has been the cultural bond of people from all over the world for thousands of years. It’s a melting pot of societies, nations and people from different religions, beliefs and inspirations. Wine is similar to the multicultural world we live in, where red, white, bubbling, sweet, dry and many more variants are all united for the same purpose: providing people with joy, depth, and self-fulfilment. In this work, I have tried to emphasize the matters that plays an important role in the creation of wine: wood, metal, grapes, air – and above all – motion. The combined motion of nature and people, which makes wine one of the most intriguing, interesting and common liquids in the world.

Clauiano Mosaics Symposium Artworks – June 2018

We want to present today the artists who came from all over the world for the Clauiano Mosaic Symposium, held from June 24th to July 7th.

Under the guidance of the Artistic Director Giulio Menossi, the artists started with the creation of the works from the title “ESSENTIA MUSIVA Forme e Colori in movimento / Moving colors, moving shapes”, the quintessence of the mosaics world, the human being, the life and the wine, an outstanding product of our region which inspired the symposium.

Aida Valencia – MEXICO

Elcira Reif Russomano – BRAZIL
Gülçin Sökö – TURKEY

Helga Dangel – GERMANY
Liliana Waisman– ARGENTINA
Mari Sangoi – BRAZIL
Paulina Lagos Lehuedé – CHILE
Pini Ben Gur – ISRAEL

Ronit Strum – ISRAEL
Yumie Wakatsuki – JAPAN

Do not miss the CATALOG, browsable online, with all the works of the artists and their stories.

Also visit our GALLERY to see the photos taken during the symposium, the photos of the works and many details.

Last year, from 2nd to 14th October 2017, a special edition of the Clauiano Mosaic Symposium  was held for the City of Udine, a project that was, and still wants to be, a vehicle for meeting and integrating the diversity of peoples, religions and social skills.

This year, from 1st to 13th October 2018 in Udine, the 2nd part of the International Contemporary Mosaic Symposium for “Città di Udine” will be realized by Maestro Giulio Menossi and the Association “Insieme con noi”.

During the Symposium the 7 missing art works (of the 14 stations) will be created and they will compose the “Via Crucis”, reinterpreted in a contemporary version by artists with personal and peoples stories, as well as religious faiths, different but united by a great passion that goes beyond all diversity: the mosaic.


2017 Art works:

All the art works realized by the mosaicists guests, all coming from abroad, will then be donated to the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli of Baldasseria (Udine), where they will find a definitive location.

The symposium is a unique opportunity to observe mosaicists at work while giving life to their works; visitors will be welcome in the workshop during the 2 weeks of creation!

Udine, via Zoletti 9: 1st – 12th October, from Monday to Friday and final evening on Saturday 13th October.

Stay up to date to learn more! Follow our Facebook Page too!


Paulina Lagos: the Artwork


ENGLISH / The miracle of grape vine
A 3D-artwork that symbolizes a grape-barrel. Three scenes, together in harmony, tell us the miracle of wine. The first one, the soil, solid, deep and powerful, mineral, moist and fertile, the ancient origin that nourishes the vine and its colourful and free leaves, full of life, happiness and light… and at the end, the grape and its enchanting fragrance… with its magical and mystic shapes of red. Each scene is clearly defined, each one with its shapes, its colours and its time. All this magic hold into the grape-barrel is shown in its manna, the wine, the elixir that owns the most delicate fragrances and taste of this fruit. Its seeds, the sentinels of the secret, are represented in metal.

International Mosaics 5^ Ed. / 2018, 19th Oct – 11th Nov


International Exhibition of Contemporary Mosaics 5th Ed.

On show the artworks of the Clauiano Mosaic Symposium 2018 and others, in collaboration with the Municipality of Cormons (Go)

Art Director Giulio Menossi


Artists of Clauiano Mosaic Symposium June 2018:

Aida Valencia – MEXICO

Elcira Reif Russomano – BRAZIL
Gülçin Sökö – TURKEY

Helga Dangel – GERMANY
Liliana Waisman– ARGENTINA
Mari Sangoi – BRAZIL
Paulina Lagos Lehuedé – CHILE
Pini Ben Gur – ISRAEL

Ronit Strum – ISRAEL
Yumie Wakatsuki – JAPAN


Opening on Friday 19th October 2018

CORMONS, Civic Museum of the Territory – Palazzo Locatelli, Piazza XXIV Maggio – 34071 Cormons (GO)


Follow us for more details!!

Mari Sangoi: the Artwork



ENGLISH / The colors of wine

Just as wine tasting is an experience with innumerable possibilities, so this symbolic Artistic Mosaic becomes a journey through different visions and interpretations, thanks to the organic elements that it presents.The artwork is highly symbolic, and its form reminds of the subconscious: it will awaken different emotions ineach person.
The title “Il colore del vino” (“The colour of wine”) refers to the warm colours of red wine mixed with the yellow shades of white wine. The flow of the regularly cut tiles,that walk vertically, along the lines of the structure, sometimes interrupted bytesserae cut in different shapes ordisposed following ahorizontal progression, represents the liquids blurring into one another.
The asymmetrical and organic form of this three-dimensional mosaic was created during its very execution. At the beginning, the shapes were empty, but they were later filled with colourful and powerful mosaic. The curves of this artwork let us discover a mystery: when the viewer finally embraces the whole work with his watchful eye, in each piece he perceives different sensations, images, details and harmonized colours.
The use of metal symbolizes a re-construction. The metal element, which is often hidden in artistic creations, here is visible and strong, since it is part of the artistic process.Iron, an indispensableelement for the correct development of innumerable human functions, is also crucial for the artist. The gray iron, sometimes oxidized silver, merges with the coloured vitrified tesserae. As in alchemy, the 4 elements are associated with metals: Earth is associated with copper; Water with tin; Air with iron and Fire with lead. The Sun is representedby gold and the Moon by silver. Each colour and each element can be discovered in “I colori del vino”(“The colors of wine”).
My work follows the path of my heart and represents My free soul.”Mari Sangoi

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